Saturday, June 25, 2011

Getting weed out of your system in a week| Mike's Sketch

What am about to share only works for Urine drug test. If you want to trump all 3; urine, hair & Saliva drug tests, follow this post. Drug test Friends.

The system shared is a sketch of what a friend of mine did to con a urine drug test.

Mike is a habitual user, has smoked 2-3 times a day every for the last 3 years. So there is no question what he has in his system. A few weeks back he was to take a routine drug test for a job, exactly seven days to his test he stopped smoking. Then he stated taking "echinacea-golden seal complex" 2 times a day through the whole seven days never missed a day. On the day of the test, 2 hours before the test he used "The liquid stuff" and drank a bit of water. I ,for one, prefer 'the liquid stuff' over most detox drinks because it is flavoured and the taste is truer to what the wrapper says, compared to other detox drinks, so pick your choosing. After all these mike went for the test at about 9:00 pm and passed. He came back ecstatic that it worked! And had to celebrate with a smoke, how convenient!

But to be Honest, he had it Lucky. If Mike was tested for both hair and saliva, he sure would have flopped.

However there are folks who have gamed even urine, hair ,and saliva drug test all put together. Drug Test Friends have been at the end of this information as long as i can remember, and they have proved that you can trump any drug test, with whatever is readily available, evading drug detection and keeping your jobs and livelihood.

Check out my Post on  Drug Test Friends Here!
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