Thursday, June 9, 2011

Drug Test Friends Review

The guys at Drug test Friends are making a lot of Enemies, sharing what they know on trumping drug tests. With over 10,000 satisfied customer so far i dare say he'll soon have the Feds after him. hehe!

CHECK OUT Drug Test Friends

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cnonhinton said...

going to the air guard and i have to get through meps how do i pass the drug test ive smoked today and i have 44 days to get rid of the thc in my system

timchuks87 said...

With 44 days to the test there are tonnes you could do.

Even take the quick fix, like the 7 day system i described here
Or Recommended, check out drug test friends.

Puffer said...

Being tested for employment in 4 days. Smoker for 1 year, 3 to 5 times a day. I have The Stuff Detox intense.... What do you recommend being it's such a short notice?

timchuks87 said...

4 days is quite a time to beat for such an 'eventful' year on the 'puffs'.

Quite a time to beat!

Ross Cook said...

i will be clean for 39 days by the time i test,but i have smoked every day for years and i also cooked with it. i did a 2 day detox from gnc and have been chugging water. will i be ok?

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